The place that i like to visit in malaysia

It has also led to a diverse selection of foods and many hybrid dishes. Kudat — the Tip of Borneo Is this what heaven looks like? The fine sandy beaches are a bonus as well! It is an important archaeological site which contains beautiful limestone formations that date back million years!

In agreement with their tourist bureau commercial, Malaysia truly is a country where the diversity of Asia can be experienced all in one place. Legoland, Johor Image credit: It features detailed replicas of 22 important Islamic infrastructures from around the world, mostly mosques, tombs, and minarets.

Langkawi Cable car Langkawi, a fun way to see the island! An ideal destination for camping, Taman Negara features lush greenery, beautiful waterfalls, and fantastic beasts this is where to find themthough be warned that sightings are extremely rare.

Unlike Thailand with its infamous beach parties or Bali with its relaxing yoga retreats, Malaysia has no claim to fame. The beaches are one of the most beautiful in South East Asia in my personal opinion. Afterwards you can wash it all down with coconut milk or some of the best fresh fruit shakes found anywhere.

However, Kedah has its own charm. Its water theme park, the Lost World of Tambun, is a classic favourite among Malaysians for a weekend getaway. Hike through the Penan Trail towards the Santubong River and enjoy a good meal made up of traditional recipes to end the day!

And music is played in the background by the nearby bars and restaurant huts. For food, the nearby Kluang Food Street, located inside Kluang Mall, is a hidden gem of hawker stalls and delicious food. There were just about 3 or 4 guesthouses around when I was there inbut you can now pick from a few resorts as well as Airbnbs.

For a cultural fix, visit the Ho Yan Hor Museum and Ipoh World, which showcases the important historical roots of the Hakka community in the city.

You can also take a day hike to the Temurun waterfall and hang out with the friendly locals.

10 Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

The island, located in the North-East has stunning coral reefs and is THE place to be if you love snorkeling. Developed with an English garden charm, this beautiful tableland offers lush scenery, forests, lakes, wildlife and outdoor recreation.

Here are some tips: Its cool climate has allowed strawberry farms and products to flourish and they are a staple tourist attraction there. It is the least visited island of the 5, and offers little to no facilities on the island.

10 Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

Char Kuey Teow — these golden stir fry noodles are paired with juicy prawns, bean sprouts, eggs, and greens. Mount Kinabalu An experience of a lifetime This is one heck of a climb, but oh-so worth it! You can get a taste of nearly every corner of the world, literally To say that the sunrise view from the top is breathtaking would be to say that Emma Watson is pretty.

You can get a taste of nearly every corner of the world, literally And music is played in the background by the nearby bars and restaurant huts. The little shop and street food stand owners in this country are my personal heroes.

I stayed at Kinabalu Mountain Lodgewhich is only 2km from the park entrance. In addition, one should also visit the BOH Tea Farm and Lavender Garden, where you can sample, as weird as it may sound, lavender flavoured ice-cream! Start planning your trip now!

I dived and stayed with Scuba Junkieand loved my experience with them. Tioman Island The simple life From Malacca, you can take a bus that departs daily to Mersing Jetty, and take a boat to yet another off the beaten path place on the Peninsula — Tioman Island.

The small one leans toward backpackers, whereas the big one leans toward resorts and hotels.Penang always features as one of the top places to visit in Malaysia. The state, named after the pinang tree that looks like a palm tree, divides between Butterworth on the mainland and George Town on Penang Island.

George Town is an open museum. The colonial district boasts a wide selection of British buildings, churches and Fort Cornwallis. However, in countries like Malaysia, this has produced cooperation and a unique cultural mélange. The mixing of Chinese, Indian, and Malay people has created a.

East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak) are often forgotten as most tourists flock to destinations like Penang and Malacca on the peninsula. However, Malaysian Borneo has much to offer and one of my personal recommendations is Sarawak’s capital city, Kuching. Where are the best places to visit in Penang, Malaysia?

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The Best Places to Visit in Malaysia: A Full Itinerary

Answer Wiki. What are the good places to visit and enjoy in Penang, Malaysia? Penang is a place I would like to visit again.

Best Exotic Vacation Destination - Penang City, Malaysia - Travelmink. Views ·. The best places to visit in Malaysia - a full itinerary encompassing where to stay, what to eat, and how to suit any budget in both peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo.

From beaches to cities and the wealth of cultures, this guide has you covered! The little shop and street food stand owners in this country are my personal heroes.

14 reasons to visit Malaysia this year

Whether you like Malaysian, Chinese, Indian or Thai food, the little "Malaysian" hawker-style food courts have everything for you for just a handful of ringgits. The best place for food you can find on the South East Asian peninsula is probably Penang. A lot of different cultures consider this island their home and that definitely shows .

The place that i like to visit in malaysia
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