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Did my best and hope I'll get better as time goes on. Power Rangers Zeo- Okay, not sure if this idea has ever been thought of or not so I decided to take a chance. I have a back-story for him in mind, but not going to spoil it here. Working on new chaps for the disturbing mini series I have going as well as other oneshots too.

I'll be having Harry saving different girls than in kb0's story and more of them. It's called a Black Beginning. But the real one, who had disappeared and traveled the world. Their shinobi are witches and wizards. Also another thing, any good Naruto stories with Tsunade raising Naruto in some way.

Workboat Supply Vessel We supply supply vessels with multipurpose capabilities for serving offshore platforms. Auction - okay, now this one is unique since this one will have three versions of it.

Anyway, in this one it wasn't just Naruto born, but so was his sisters.

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Now that the Dark Lord is back they have decided to become more proactive. Patil also has muggle business and Vernon is trying to make a deal. Basically the same, but different in others. No Harry saved the world and his soul transfered to Naruto or anything of the like.

They come back at the start of the chunin exams as a team. But very different from their story. What he doesn't know is that this shyness attracts girls to him. Projects Special Service We supply ponton cranes, dredgers, specialized barges for special services.

I might have to do it in a few, but I will mostly avoid it at all costs.

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This is all my lemon Power Rangers stories I've written. I know it's not a great summary, but it's in my Naruto Ideas Story so, read it and you'll get a better understanding.

Starts right after the drawing of the names for the Champions. Okay, I haven't really thought of a title, but I've been bouncing an idea in my head back and forth about a Fairy Tail version of my HBG series.

I have posted this on archiveofourown after getting a review from someone telling me that I hadn't posted it up there yet. The Patils come over to the Durselys since Mr. But I am back to work on it. My new Naruto story from my Naruto Story Ideas story.

Stories in Progress and Status I want to let you all know first that these are all the stories I have going and there will be a few that won't be on this site. This set of stories is on my archiveofourown account. Not that this will have lemon and lime scenes in it as well as nightmare causing scenes as well.

Now I am working on the next chap, sadly I kind of forgot about this series and now am getting back to it. Follow how Harry grows up, goes to Hogwarts and meets his destiny.

Now this is where things will get tricky since you'll have to do a lot of re-tooling on in Space to make this work, but have all the past Ranger teams come back, well, all that you want.

Not really a crossover since I will not be using any Naruto characters at all. Naruto will be paired with Ino, Yakumo and Rei.

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I am trying something different here with Harry being with both Cho and Su Li. I can't bash Hermione or Harry since they are some of my favs along with the Potter girls I've mention above somewhere. She just seems a bit easier to bash at times. Her clan is a branch family of the Uzumaki in this story.

I'll be switching out girls each chap. I'll try and do some Christmas themed ones if I have time, but no promises. If you know some please let me know by PMing me.

Also another thing, any good Naruto stories with Tsunade raising Naruto in some way.Key Areas of Responsibility: Production of construction information - models and drawings Generation of site plans, access routes and pour sequences etc.

in 2D and 3D. Modelling of temporary installations, plant and site hoarding will have to be produced as necessary. Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) has launched its new mobile plans for businesses, Digi Business Postpaid, which provides corporate customers with the freedom to choose from 3 plans that best suits their day-to-day business communications.

Digi Business Postpaid offers a free 4G LTE smartphone. Benefits of Digital Floorplans: – Share floorplans with one click by sending the IV instance – Collaborate by adding POIs and additional information. CV, Digi Marketing Executive Seeks Career In Canada • Collaborating with management team to devise strategic business plans, helping to grow the business.

Online Content Executive (non-foods) () • Review the model in NAVIS REVIEW software or SMART PLANT prepared PPT for. As Navis Design, we bring Innovative approach to the ship design that will optimize ship performance. We produce design projects for different types of merchant and navy vessels such as tankers, ferries, supply boats and pilot boats.

We've gone responsive. Testing

Private Equity International provides unparalleled global business news and analysis focused exclusively on private equity and the LP/GP nexus. Private Equity International provides unparalleled global business news and analysis focused exclusively on private equity and the LP/GP nexus. Warburg plans up to $8bn war chest for China.

Navis digi business plans
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