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This unstable psychological condition is the main reason that explains why minors are perceived as incapable of taking the blame for their actions.

Also most of the antisocial or impulsive juvenile sex offenders have been introduced to ubstance use and abuse at a young age Bosley, J. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs. Since the percentage of female juvenile sex offenders is limited, female juvenile sex offenders are often placed in group therapy sessions with other delinquent females Krysik, J.

Traits or characteristics that the antisocial or impulsive juvenile sex offenders reveal are poor academics, aggression, disruptive behavioral issues, and association with other antisocial peers Bosley, J.

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There are two requirements that must be met before the cases can be transferred: Most sixteen year olds are mature enough to understand that they are responsible for their actions and that any serious wrongdoing could have extreme consequences. Child Molesters who abused children who were at least four more years younger than themselves.

The therapy ultimately reduces further criminal behavior when coupled with other types of support such as employment, counseling, education and training. Though male offenders are more common, female offenders are also there in the society and the rate of percentage is gradually increasing gradually.

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Even minors are clearly capable of understanding the law and their obligations to comply with it. The largest groups of sexual offenders are considered to fall into the category of being antisocial or impulsive in their behaviors and personalities.

It is also true that the rates of recidivism for these offences have doubled over the last decade. Here we see that the law has certainly provided for penalties of sex offenders, however, there is still work to be done as far as exclusions and modifications of those penalties.

Juvenile Offenders Posted on June 29, by EssayShark Is it justifiable to punish juvenile offenders who have committed felonies the same way as adult offenders?

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All economic groups, all levels of intelligence, all races, and all religions are represented in the backgrounds of adolescent sexual abusers.

Office of Justice Programs. Studies have shown that motivational interviewing is much more effective in initiating and maintaining behavioral change as compared to persuasion techniques. She started screaming, and when her neighbors responded to investigate, the subjects fled.

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There are different methods of assessing hostility-prone attributions. These programs should be substituted with family centered approaches that have been proven to be much more effective. While static, historical risk factors such as age at first offense, prior criminal history are features not amenable to deliberate intervention, dynamic risk factors e.

For humans, the endowment to observe and control the environment efficiently for signs of a threat to oneself is critical for their survival Ledoux, Juvenile Offender Marlys Schrandt 03/30/ CJS/ Instructor Gilford University of Phoenix In this paper I will discuss the types of crimes and the difference on which juvenile offender group committed the crimes more.

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A new issue in the Juvenile Justice System Morgan Cotter Juvenile Justice CJ A Dr. Monica Robbers Marymount University December 7, Juvenile Sex Offenders: A new issue in the Juvenile Justice System The classification and treatment of juvenile sex offenders is a unique issue in the Juvenile Justice System today.

In today’s society, there are many crimes going on. Adults are not the only ones that commit crimes. One issue today is that juvenile offenses. - Juvenile justice system in the US focuses not only in disciplining juvenile offenders but also in trying to come with factors which accelerate these offences.

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