An analysis of the topic of the republic of lebanon in the mediterranean sea

While sometimes this has been done with success like in the Israel -Cyprus and Egypt-Cyprus casesother times the demarcation remains disputed.

The Cyprus Issue and Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean

The first three of them are reinforcing their energy and defense partnership, and along with Italy have reached an agreement to build a new pipeline to Europe. Despite the more virulent reactions and declarations of Greece and Turkey surrounding the Cyprus issue, it is to be noted that the Cypriot authorities, both the ones in the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the unrecognized ones in the Northern part, have chosen a more diplomatic voice in order to express their intentions and avoid further escalations as they exploit resources that both consider to be rightfully theirs notwithstanding the potential for future joint exploitation.

It lies on the way of oil and gas transit from major exporting countries. Lebanon is divided into six governorates, with Beirut as the capital.

In this regard, Egypt has recently signed a billion USD agreement for importing gas from the latter. This however had the indirect effect of promoting the trade across the Caspian Sea. Lebanon has a comparatively well-developed labour movement.

A coastal railway, which was closed in the mids because of the civil war, links the city with Beirut.

Geography of Lebanon

Iran Particularly interesting is the situation in Iran. Does it fall under the complex network of gas-conflict-cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean? So, Iran was getting oil from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and used it for the needs of the northern regions. Similar scenarios would be very serious, as they would involve powerful states in a densely-populated area of central importance for international tradeas the flow of goods from Asia through the Suez Canal passes right through it without forgetting the Bosphorus-Dardanelles.

The prospect of an energy richness only fomented the dispute over who should access the resources and how they should be distributed. The recent discovery of lucrative gas and oil deposits below its waters has the potential to reshape the regional geostrategic framework and open a new phase in the relations between the states along its shores, notably one marked by increased competition and maritime skirmishes.

We hope you enjoyed this free article Become a member and get full access to: Although all economic sectors were affected by the warfare, the detriment to the service sector was among the most profound.

On the irrigated coastal plain, market vegetables, bananas, and citrus crops are grown. Sinceovermigrants have landed in Italy, [29] mainly sub-Saharan Africans.

Earlier, there were plans to extend it to India, but due to political disagreements and concerns about the safety ,the project was shelved. As a result, numerous sectors were greatly hindered during the civil war period, with industry, construction, and transport and communications suffering the most significant contractions in workforce populations.

In parallel with the oil one the gas pipeline is laid, with a capacity of th. And the main reason is blowing up pipes in the Turkish area.

And there is more. Nevertheless, infrastructure for transportation of oil and gas is developed in the country. Moreover, great powers like the U. Inter-communal violence broke out across the island, with thousands ending up dead or disappeared on both sides.

But like the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, similar projects bypass Turkey, which explains its staunch opposition. Its capacity is 7 billion cubic meters. The city serves as an important oil storage and refining centre.

Life expectancy in Lebanon is higher than both the regional and world averages. The main national strategic of oil pipeline is a pipeline from the Kirkuk fields to the Persian Gulf. Turkey Steps into the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Game But the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean really started to simmer when, on 8 Februarythe Italian company Eni and the French company Total announced a breakthrough gas discovery at the Calypso block off the Cypriot coast, estimated to be comparable as size to the giant Zohr field.

Click to see the full-size high resolution map Arab pipeline In general, the situation with the gas infrastructure in the Eastern Mediterranean is now extremely interesting. The Litani River is Lebanon's largest river and many farms use the river's water to irrigate land and crops.

In September the volume of domestic exports reached th. Moreover, Egypt in this case will act as importer of energy resources. Among the conflicts and disputes characterizing the area, three assume a greater importance in the light of recent gas discoveries: Its runways were built to handle the largest jet airplanes in service, and a number of international airlines used Beirut regularly.

Hence, while a fraction of Lebanese became very rich in postwar Lebanon, at the beginning of the 21st century some one-third of the Lebanese population lived below the poverty line. The Greek Cypriots refuse to consider any agreement with their Turkish Cypriot counterparts regarding the possibility of joint exploitation of hydrocarbons unless a deal regarding Cyprus is reached first.

Analysis: Oil and gas pipelines in the Middle East (Exclusive)

The gas was to be exported by Arab Gas Pipeline. Venetian ships from the 9th century armed themselves to counter the harassment by Arabs while concentrating trade of oriental goods at Venice.

As a matter of fact, the similarities between the two maritime regions are stunning: The most serious damage was caused by explosions of pipeline in JulyDecember and January The Mediterranean Sea was a fundamental feature in the development of civilizations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

In this lesson, we'll. Arab Nationalism and Syria Essay Words May 4th, 13 Pages Description of Country Syria is a country located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Lebanon and Turkey.

Mediterranean Sea

Michelle Meyer, in Social Network Analysis of Disaster Response, Recovery, and Adaptation, Perceptions of Social Networks and Socioeconomic Status. During disasters, as in everyday situations, social network resources often fill the gaps in individual resources.

The Republic of Lebanon is situated in the Levant on the eastern most part of the Mediterranean Sea, with Syria to the north and east. Lebanon is divided into six governorates, with Beirut as the capital. The official language is Arabic, and the currency is the Lebanese pound (LBP).

Firstly, nearly impossible to construct pipelines to Greece or Turkey because of the deep-water of the Mediterranean Sea. Secondly, in recent years there was no need for such projects, as the Egypt’s ability to export has severely reduced.

The sea's average north-south length, from Croatia’s southern shore to Libya, is approximately km ( miles). The Mediterranean Sea, including the Sea of Marmara (connected by the Dardanelles to the Aegean Sea), has a surface area of approximately 2, square km (, square miles).

An analysis of the topic of the republic of lebanon in the mediterranean sea
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